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We were not built to break, we will use the obstacles in our life as lessons to build upon our strengths.” ~Dr. Domonique Rice

The hardest part is asking for help. This is often an intimidating or humbling experience which is why we will offer you an appointment the same week you call. I’ll give you the opportunity to share what your concerns are and ask any questions you need to prepare for our first meeting.

About Dr. Domonique Rice

Life presents us with all kinds of issues – death of loved ones, problems with children or other family members, injury or serious illness, loss of a job, divorce or simply an unexplained inability to function. Or at times, we feel emotionally upset without any particular reason. You may just have difficulty coping with the stress of work. Sometimes, we are able to handle these feelings and problems. But sometimes they become simply overwhelming and we may need professional help.

Let's connect online and get started!

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